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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is an annual fee that covers the school year from September through June.  It can be paid in advance or split up into 10 payments over the course of the school year.  All tuition payments must be set up and initiated through your online account in the Parent Portal using a credit or debit card. Payment cards must be set up upon enrollment. The first tuition payment – either in full or the first monthly installment – is due by June 1st for the school year beginning in September or immediately upon enrollment after that date. Subsequent tuition payments will be charged to your payment card on the first of the month beginning in September through May, 2017, totaling 10 payments.

Tuition varies by classroom. We offer three distinct classrooms for instruction distinguished by age: Caterpillars, Butterflies and Sunbeams. Each classroom offers a choice of class time each week.

Students must meet the age guidelines for each classroom.

Classroom Duration Annual Tuition
Caterpillar M/W/F (8:30-11:30 AM) $3904
Butterfly Tu/Th/F (8:15-11:45 AM) $4664
M/TU/W/TH (8:15 AM-11:45 AM) $6173
Sunbeam AM M/TU/W/TH/F (8:00-11:45 AM) $8222
Sunbeam PM M/TU/W/TH (12:15-4:00 PM) $6605


Tuition does not include fees for field trips.

There are between 4-5 field trips over the course of the year for the Butterfly and Sunbeam classes.  There are no field trips for the Caterpillar classes.  Field trip costs will be paid in advance of the school year.  A one time, non-refundable fee will be due in the early fall once field trips have  been finalized (approximately $50-$100.)  These fees do not include costs for parents who may choose to accompany their child or for transportation if you elect that option.