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The Butterfly class is designed for children ages 3 and 4.  We understand that in these early stages of life, the impact of cultivating strong social and emotional skills is far reaching. We work to provide our students with tools and experiences that give them self-awareness, the perspective of others, and learn empathetic behaviors.  We take into account the uniqueness each child brings to the classroom and celebrate our differences. Our Butterfly staff is nurturing, loving and helps to create an environment where compassion and kindness are integrated into all that we do.


With our Language and Literacy Program we help children begin to acquire alphabetic knowledge through many fun and diverse activities.  We offer students an opportunity to play with letters, link letter names and sounds, sing songs, engage in oral activities, and draw and write independently.

We teach use the following literacy and language activities:

    • ABC program – An introduction to letters and sounds, culminating in an alphabet book each student creates and completes by the end of the year.
    • Interactive read alouds – Books and literature are the foundation of our literacy program.  Together we read content, look for patterns, dissect what we read, make comparisons, try to predict outcomes, and discuss characters, authors and illustrators.  We aim to plant, fertilize, and water the seeds from which will grow a true love for books!
    • Interactive writing – Plenty of tools and supplies are readily available in the writing and art centers and theme projects focus on developing these skills.
    • Poetry/Song – Rhyming and song is a fun way to develop word and sound relationships, and introduce children to the beauty of poetry.  This helps develop language skills and an appreciation of the written word.

Classroom Duration Annual Tuition
Butterfly Tu/Th/F (8:15-11:45 AM) $4664
M/TU/W/TH (8:15 AM-11:45 AM) $6173