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Summer Camps 2018

We will offer camps for Early Learners, ages 3-5 and for School Age, ages 6-10. A detailed description of all camps for Summer 2018 are below.

All camps are a sensory experience, designed for the age of the camper and to enhance and strengthen your child’s interest in the world of science, art and nature. The natural world is abundant with possibilities for children to explore, discover and investigate, and summertime is a perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors!

All Early Learner Camps are held at A Child Becomes Preschool EXCEPT for the Tide Pool Exploration which involves travel from the preschool to local beaches. All School Age Camps begin and end at the preschool, however campers travel to various off site locations. Each camp provides additional details. We rent commercial vans to transport campers. Your child must have a safe booster for travel as is age appropriate. Signed permission slips are required for camps that involve travel.

All camps are held on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday for the dates indicated below. All camps require that you pack a water bottle and healthy lunch for your child. Please make sure you have applied sunscreen, have dressed for the activities and provide appropriate footwear for the day.

Call or email our office with any questions:  206-932-4642


Early Learner Camp Sessions

These camps are designed for preschool age students and recent preschool graduates ages 3-5. Camps run from 9:00 AM – 1 PM at A Child Becomes Preschool. Tide Pool Exploration camp involves travel away from the school. All camps are $175 per session.

Each camper receives a free T-shirt! Please indicate your child’s size as you register.

Session 1
Peace Camp: Yoga, Art and Creative Movement

Date: June 26/27/28

This camp is dynamic and fun! During this camp your child might roar like a lion, pedal an imaginary bicycle, or travel to the Amazon Rainforest all while increasing coordination, releasing stress and building communication skills. Each day, campers will learn new yoga poses and participate in creative expression though art projects and creative movement. Campers will make glitter jars, watercolor paintings and a table top zen rock garden. No prior yoga experience is required!

Session 2
Tide Pool Exploration

Date: July 10/11/12

The beaches of the Pacific Northwest in the summer time are a world of wonder! Join us as we learn about sea creatures of the Puget Sound including crabs and sea anemones. We’ll head to Constellation Park along Alki to explore the beach and peer into the amazing world that exists in the tide pools that form during the low tide this week. We’ll carefully look under rocks and learn about how this intricate ecosystem fits together. INCLUDES TRAVEL

Session 3
Sound Explorers!

Date: July 17/18/19

From rubber-band guitars to bottle cap castanets — instruments can be made out of anything! In this camp we will learn about sound as we create instruments from around the world using a variety of recycled and found items including bottles, boxes, string, tubes and beads. Campers will also have an opportunity to invent their own instruments and we will have a musical parade on the final day of camp. No musical experience is required.

Session 4

Date: July 24/25/26

Help us revive the lost art of puppet making! We will design, build and manipulate our puppets, crafting characters and perform on a puppet stage. We will explore texture with felt, fabric and paper mache to make finger, hand and rod puppets. We will get a sneak peek at Grandma Dorothy’s hidden collection of marionettes! She conducted shows all over the Pacific Northwest in the 70s and 80s. Each child will take home a very special keepsake, a rod puppet they will create at camp.

Session 5
Let’s Go on Safari

Date: July 21, August 1/2

Campers will take on adventure in the safari world of southern Africa. They will explore animals in their natural habitats. Our classroom will becomes an African Savannah, from leopard to elephant! We will learn some amazing facts and myths about these animals. Did you know the crocodile is NOT the most dangerous animal in Africa? We will read Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories”, a collection of charming and fictional tales of the evolution of certain animals.  Do you know how the leopard got her spots or how the rhino got her skin? We’ll figure out whether it’s fact, or fiction!

Session 6
Imagination Exploration

Date: August 7/8/9

Campers will put on their creativity caps and use a wide range of media, recycled materials and ordinary objects to create unique and original works of art. Campers will build models of fairy villages, spaceships, fire-trucks, paint rocks or self-portraits whatever they can dream up. Dress for a messy and creative art explosion!


School Age Camp Sessions

All camps will be led by Teacher Shelley and are designed for school age students, ages 6-10. Camps run from 9:30 AM – 3 PM and begin and end at A Child Becomes Preschool each day. Campers travel to different locations around the Puget Sound as we explore, learn and have fun! For kids that need boosters, these must be left with your child at drop off. All camps are $250 per session.

Each camper receives a free T-shirt! Please indicate your child’s size as you register.

Session 1
Marine Science

Date : July 10/11/12

Campers will study the amazing and fragile ecosystems that exist in the waters of Puget Sound and in the tide pools that are revealed at low tide (the minus tide). As budding marine biologists, we’ll learn about tide pool etiquette and how to identify creatures of the tide pools – sea anemones, crabs, sea cucumbers, crustaceans and so many more! We’ll hike along some of the Puget Sound’s most beautiful beaches as we explore the inter-tidal zone. Please wear sturdy water shoes and a hat. INCLUDES TRAVEL

Session 2
NorthWest Hiking

Date: July 17/18/19

Campers will set out on three amazing NorthWest hikes. We’ll talk about the concepts of leave no trace, learn the 10 essentials and discuss why preparation is so important. Campers will learn how to navigate using a map and compass and how to identify certain plants and animals in the wilderness and the interdependence of all things in the environment. Hikes will be approximately 2 – 2 1/2 miles in length. INCLUDES TRAVEL.

Session 3
Women as Artists – Masters of the 20th Century

Date: July 24/25/26

Campers will learn about several of the most influential and innovative contemporary female artists – Georgia O-Keeffe, Frida Kahlo and Yayoi Kusama (and we all know there are MANY more). We’ll study their influences, styles, look through their body of work and discuss their impact on the art world, from the American Modernist movement to pop art. We’ll use a variety of media as we create our own art inspired by their work. Campers will consider color, contrast, shape and perspective as they experiment and stretch their artistic muscles.

Session 4
CrossFit for Kids

Date: July 31 Aug 1/2

Campers will learn different ways to increase their heart rate, build muscle and dexterity and improve coordination through varied exercises. It’s physical activity that’s fun! We will teach campers the importance of changing it up and that by incorporating variety in your exercise routine, you can enhance skills and reduce impact on the body. This camp is for anyone who is willing to get out there and move their body and have fun while doing so!

Session 5
Comic Creations

Date: Aug 7/8/9

Comics camp is a place where kids can use their creative abilities to improve their drawing and writing. We will learn about some inspiring and innovative comic book artists and talk about what we like in their art and stories. Kids will develop their own story ideas and turn them into comic books. Figuring out how best to tell a story using pictures and words is a great way to sharpen problem solving skills. Kids can develop their own artistic style and create visually interesting and inspiring stories!